URZÚA I MATUTE is a niche law firm specialized in litigation and arbitration; and projects, engineering and construction.

URZÚA I MATUTE was born from the combination of talent, work and commitment of Cristián Urzúa and Claudio Matute, who, after intense careers in important law firms, pulled together to create URZÚA I MATUTE.

What distinguishes URZÚA I MATUTE is that we are experienced and high standard lawyers, who not only guide the work, but also think, perform and participate directly in its development. In other words, the lawyers who have the first meeting with the client, that is, those in whom he trusted, are the same professionals who will carry out the mission entrusted.

The hallmark of URZÚA I MATUTE is that we do not leave anything to chance and, especially, we accompany our clients until the moment when quality and good service demand it, always putting forward the concept of success that has been set.