“Boutique law firm Urzúa Matute Abogados is consistently involved in relevant projects in the mining, aquaculture, and energy generation and transmission segments, among others. It is typically involved in the construction and practical development aspect and associated contracts, rather than on the project finance front. Experienced name partner Cristián Urzúa is a projects, engineering and construction specialist, who also handles the full range of associated contentious matters.”

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URZÚA I MATUTE has a projects, engineering and construction area focused on comprehensive project advice, from its preliminary studies (since pre-feasibility) and preparation of contractual documents (actively participating with the client in this critical stage), through its performance (contractual support during the execution of the project, key stage in its success) until its termination. Finally, we represent our clients in the various forms of dispute resolution which can occur during the course of construction projects, including change order negotiations, close out settlements, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and other forms of dispute resolution.

We have been part of various infrastructure projects that exceed US $ 5 billion, in projects as diverse as mining, sewage treatment plants, shopping centers, transmission lines, wind farms, solar farms, substations, salmon processing centers, power plants, among others.

Our participation focuses on the most critical stages of the projects, such as the decision to terminate an engineering and/or construction contract, replace the contractor, submit or reject claims and, likewise, take action or avoid collection of the guarantees of the contract.

Especially, we get involved in the execution stage of the project, guiding our clients with creative solutions to improve their position before their counterpart.

In addition, we know how to handle industry disputes. More than thirty engineering and construction conflicts, in litigation or arbitration, and many other claims support us. This allows us to have the vision of “tomorrow’s day”, in order to define what is essential in the previous day, that is, when designing and executes a project, which leads us to have a more comprehensive and effective perspective on how contractual support to projects should be carried out.

Finally, we do not focus on a single market player, transversally advising owners (regulars and spots), construction and engineering contractors, on all types of contract models.


As a result of the success in supporting infrastructure projects, URZÚA I MATUTE has developed a practice linked to real estate projects, from predevelopment to design and construction.

Our work emphasizes the relationship between principal and contractor and, in addition, in disputes that arise with government authorities, both at the judicial level, as well as at the comptroller level and, in general, in the administrative contentious sphere.